Marianne McDonough, Director

wind-mariannephotoLicensed for ministry in the creative arts through International Ministerial Fellowship, Marianne McDonough serves as the director of W.I.N.D. of the Spirit Ministries and Great Commission Artists. Believing the arts have a unique capacity to exalt God and inspire His people, Marianne loves to encourage and mentor Christian artists toward the full expression of their gifts, especially in the context of worship. Her passion is to see God’s beauty revealed in all of the creative arts.

Marianne’s experience includes writing in secular and Christian venues, leadership in worship and dance ministries, teaching worship arts seminars for children, and sponsoring visual arts workshops.

In 2010, she initiated “Art in the Beauty of Holiness” seminars, specifically designed for visual artists and subsequently produced in DVD format. In 2011, with the support of a multi-churched core group, she founded the Great Commission Artists (GCA), a network of artists dedicated to leading people to Christ through the visual arts.

Starting in March of 2012, GCA sponsored two seminars, Worship in the Potter’s Hands and Waterfalls with Pastor Paul Oman. The inaugural year culminated with the Psalms Exhibit and Creative Arts Celebration at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. In February of 2013, selecting the theme “Art and Relationships,” GCA launched six small group fellowship groups and currently plans a second Psalms Exhibit on October 5th in Hopkins.

With a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Minnesota, Marianne writes for community magazines, leads Christian writers’ critique groups, and serves as treasurer of the Minnesota Christian Writers Guild. She enjoys writing in various genres and desires for writers to explore new ways to release their talents to exalt Christ. In 2012, she formed the “Troubadours” writing group to collaborate with GCA groups in community outreach, such as prison and nursing home ministries.

In the Spring of 2013, W.I.N.D. Ministries was invited to do a television series on the Christian arts for Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission cable network.  That program began airing in June on Mondays, 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. and Fridays, 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. on Channel 12 and will feature local Christian artists of various definitions in seminars, demonstration, and panel discussions.

International Ministerial Fellowship

W.I.N.D. of the Spirit Ministries is directed by Marianne McDonough, licensed in the creative arts through International Ministerial Fellowship, based in Minnesota.

International Ministerial Fellowship is an association of evangelical Christian churches, ministers and lay workers with an emphasis on the centrality of Christ and the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit which offers fellowship, multiple members’ resources including appropriate ministerial credentials, ecclesiastical endorsement and the service of a Missions Sending Agency. With a membership of over 1,300 across the nation and 100+ missionaries in 44 countries, IMF has established itself as an organization of integrity with a heart to serve those who serve others.

IMF was established in 1958, and chartered October 25, 1960 as a Texas non-profit corporation by Pastor F.C. Masserano, Sr., Dr. George Steiglitz, Rev. C.R. McPhail and a group of men and women who believed there was a need to establish a fellowship of non-denominational ministers committed to preach and teach the Gospel of Christ, promote a fellowship among non-denominational ministers, build churches, publish gospel related materials and support missions. Several of these men and women had served together previously as members of the World Bible Way Fellowship in the forties and early fifties under the direction of Rev. Guy Shields and Rev. Albert Daly.

With over fifty years of ministry, IMF has a reputation for integrity and is seen by many as being a good “team player” in the body of Christ; serving its brothers and sisters across denominational lines. IMF’s motto is “To love, serve, encourage and help enable those who serve in front-line Christian ministry.”